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Hello. I’m Thomas Krasomil, and I speak (and write) fluent ‘Business.’

I’m a professional business-to-business (B2B) copywriter with decades of middle management experience in the Manufacturing and Technology sectors. I know the factory floor as well as the boardroom.

My clients are s
mall-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) seeking fresh and compelling ways to stand out from the crowd, generate leads, and boost their sales.

Are those also your goals? Perhaps I can be of assistance…

What sort of copywriter do you need?

Your website is the voice of your company, so you’ll want a writer with lots of digital experience. But print isn’t dead and it often requires a different writing style. Choose someone with solid credentials in both worlds.

Then consider the unique challenges of writing for small businesses in a professional B2B style. SMBs need an affordable copywriter with a short learning curve and the ability to speak to an audience in a familiar industry voice.

Maybe I can be that writer for you. Here’s why:

SMBs are my specialty — I’ve written for solo entrepreneurs and startups as well as companies with hundreds of employees.

Clients love my real-world business experience. I’ve faced many of the same management challenges they face. I’ve lived on both sides of the Sales and Marketing divide. And as the owner of a small business, I’m very familiar with the heavy feeling of wearing too many hats.

I’m a B2B specialist. The world has plenty of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) copywriters, but experienced B2B copywriters are relatively rare. Choose wisely. Your audience can tell the difference.

If you hire me, your projects will benefit from my broad experience in management and marketing
 — it helps me get up to speed quickly and tell your company’s story with deeper insight. And I’ll do it in crisp, professional, Plain English style that will inform and compel your audience.

If all this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s
schedule a free phone consultation and explore your needs and the ways I might be of value. Thanks.



Your website is the professional voice of your company, so choose a business-savvy copywriter to tell your story.

Sales Letters

Powerful tools to introduce, inform, persuade, and convert prospects into satisfied customers.

White Papers

A crystal clear, well-researched and highly readable white paper can establish you as a trusted industry expert.


A popular and effective way to share information and expand your corporate reach with multiple audiences.

Case Studies

A well-written customer success story is the most engaging and convincing testimonial you can offer.


A popular and effective way to share information and expand your corporate reach with multiple audiences.


Get a fresh perspective

Let's schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and discuss your goals and how I can be of assistance.

Industry Experience

Here’s a partial list of my industry experience. Feel free to request samples from my copywriter portfolio.


  • Alteryx (geographic Business Intelligence)
  • Analogy Software (engineering/design software)
  • EarthWeb (online IT resources)
  • FRx Software (financial reporting software)
  • Global Commerce (B2B e-commerce, PKI security)
  • Hitatchi Solutions (full disk encryption)
  • Outbound Systems (laptop computers, peripherals)
  • Polycipher (DRM architecture for the cable industry)
  • SunGard/MIS (investment software)
  • XVT Software (GUI portability toolkits for C, C++)

Healthcare & Food

  • Accolade Home Care (in-home eldercare services)
  • BioResponse Nutrients (nutritional supplements)
  • Celestial Seasonings (herbal teas)
  • Columbia Healthcare (healthcare provider)
  • Health Inventures (hospital support services)
  • Jungle Foods (flax crackers)


  • Avocet Communications (marcomm agency)
  • Catalyst Communications (B2C ad agency)
  • Ronald James Direct (direct marketing agency)
  • The Eisenberg Group (B2B and DM agency)

Business Services

  • Ariss-Kahan (database marketing)
  • Corporate Express (corporate office supplier)
  • Customer Insight (database marketing)
  • Intl. Language Engineering (globalization)
  • RMDMA (DM industry association)

Publishing & Education

  • Cahners Publishing (industry/trade publications)
  • Boulder Daily Camera (daily newspaper)
  • Burk Reading Center (reading improvement)
  • Community Montessori (public school)
  • Mountain Shadows Montessori (private school)

About Thomas

I’m a Colorado native and a longtime denizen of the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins corridor. As a kid, I ran wild on my grandparent’s mountain ranch every summer and had to be re-civilized every fall before returning to school on the plains.

I was an early and avid reader, which inexorably led me to attend the University of Colorado as an English major. Then the business world lured me away, including
 a 14-year stint as a quality assurance manager in food manufacturing.

In my 30s, I used freelance journalism as my bridge to the more glamorous world of high-tech marketing and copywriting. In 2000, my high-flying employer crashed and burned when the Dot Com bubble burst, and I became a freelancer.

I decided to retire from copywriting a few years ago and sleep late, work at a local church, and watch my grandkids grow. In 2018, I helped one of my sons launch his travel blog
 — TenaciousTravel.com — by acting as his researcher, proofreader, advisor, and editor-in-chief. My passion for writing came roaring back, so I revived this long dormant website. It’s good to be back.

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